The Red Naomi Rose

The rose Red Naomi was introduced to the flower markets in 2006. And currently Red Naomi rose has become by far the most important dutch grown red rose in the high-end red rose segment. The Red Naomi Rose glows in sensual beauty. She is a rose that expresses love with a fine touch at the very core of someone’s heart. Her characteristics are superior: She is the rose with a perfect red color that features a smooth, velvety shade.

She shows very good transportability, stays fresh for long in cold storage and has a long vaselife. The Red Naomi rose has a large flower head and can have as many as 80 flower petals per bloom. Red Naomi roses are the only commercially grown red roses that are scented – their perfume is subtle and sweet.

Red Naomi news
  • Share some Love at Metz Day in Paris

    Red Naomi! was selected by Metz as the premium red rose on Valentine’s Day 2011 because of its outstanding characteristics. By selling Red Naomi! to your customers, you are selling the most beautiful red rose which comes with ‘Love Guarantee’.

  • It takes two

    The ultimate creation for Valentine’s Day; 2 identical pieces with the large flowered rose Red Naomi!® Marijke Geerdink created special Valentine’s arrangements inspired by true love; true love between two people.

The Red Naomi Rose

Top florists and floral designers love to work withRed Naomi roses because of its exquisite qualities. Red Naomi roses are strong and very reliable. They have strong stems and large flower heads that open always open fully. Red Naomi roses are popular wedding flowers. It is perfect for bridal bouquets, table arrangements and decorating parties and events. We have the largest collection of floral design pictures with Red Naomi roses. For florists and trade interested in buying Red Naomi roses we have some valuable tips and tricks. And did you know that by following our care tips you can increase vaselife by 3 days and thus lower waste.