Advice on buying Red Naomi Roses

To ensure you received the best and freshest Red Naomi roses you can best order directly from the Grower or ask your supplier to do so.

We, Porta Nova, are the biggest grower of Red Naomi roses in the world and we are dedicated to deliver the absolute best quality. We grow about 30 mlj Red Naomi roses, delivering floral happiness to roughly 10 mlj. people every year.

As we are so focussed on delivering the best quality Red Naomi roses and work closely together with trade we are confident to give our clients a Quality guarantee. In case of some unforeseen reason something wrong, the roses will be replaced free of charge.

We often hear flower traders and florist struggling to work with the everyday fluctuating flower prices. Therefore we are introducing “Price Certainty”. We offer the possibility to order Red Naomi roses in advance for fixed prices even during the holidays. Ask for our week/month/year offers.

For traders with webshop we offer the posibility to lower your inventory risk by linking you webshop to our live supply directly from our greenhouse.

Porta Nova Red Naomi Grades.

The grade (length,quality) you need will depend on the use you have. To really impress our Porta Nova SUPRA line is the absolute top of the bill in red roses and Red Naomi.  But in case you are making a wedding bouquet or corsage, you don’t need 80/90 cm stem length but do want quality.

We are confident to state that with our 3 lines (SUPRA, UNICA, MAGNA)  and lengths from 40 – 90 cm in A1 & A2 quality, we are able to deliver the best choice for each segment at a fair price-point.

Furthermore we for trade we cater tailored options in gradin and packaging, like; nr. of bunches per colli, type of colli etc. Just let us know your wishes.

Furthermore as we care as much about our earth as the the quality of our roses, we hold Corporate Social Responsibility in high esteem. (Read all unique CSR activities).


Our offer further explained

Price certainty
Porta Nova offers its products daily at the clock. In addition, you can place an order in advance and be guaranteed a price and the quantities you require. If you notify us or your supplier of your requirements, we can provide you with a tailor-made quote.
Every request can be accommodated, e.g. year/month/(bank) holiday quotes.

Buying directly from our greenhouse in your webshop

Porta Nova encourages exporters, wholesalers and florists to buy direct from the glasshouse although trade continues to run via all existing channels. To this end, we can provide the option of a direct live-link between our production and your stock. This eliminates stock risks and means we can supply even fresher products.