Red Naomi roses have become very popular for florists and floral designers. They can be used in many different types of floral designs like; bridal bouquets, table arrangements, corsages, car decorations, bouquets, for sympathy and to decorate parties and other events.

And of course each Red Naomi rose is a piece of art by itself which make a very populair gift as single stem of huge impressive bunch during Valentines, International woman day, Mothersday, secretary day, Schoolday.

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Furthermore the Red Naomi roses have inspired designers all over the world to create some mega-arrangements, like a huge 3d hart shape made from 1000 Red Naomi rose; The ultimate symbol of Love! Or a huge floral dress created out of 1725 Supra Red Naomi roses by Joe Massie.

Let us inspire you with a picture collection of floral design creations with Red Naomi roses grown by grower Porta Nova catagorisesby type and events

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