À propos de Porta Nova

orta Nova is a rose nursery that specialises in cultivating top quality red roses. Porta Nova was created as a result of a merger involving three rose nurseries:  Aad van Luijk, Leon Dukker and Nico van Vuuren. All of the above have a great deal of experience in rose cultivation.

Since its start, in 2002, Porta Nova has expanded to become the largest rose nursery with 1 rose variety.

At Porta Nova, we focus 100% on quality and strive to grow the best red roses in the world. This focus is reflected in all aspects of operations and leads to a continual process of improvement involving both the product and the organisation.

In addition to the quality of the roses, Porta Nova also places sustainable and socially responsible business practices high on its agenda. The heating system at our newest location, for example, uses green energy and the pesticides we use are almost exclusively organic. We believe that we have the lowest ever carbon footprint per rose.