Om Porta Nova

Porta Nova is a rose nursery that specialises in cultivating top quality red roses. Porta Nova was created as a result of a merger involving three rose nurseries:  Aad van Luijk, Leon Dukker and Nico van Vuuren. All of the above have a great deal of experience in rose cultivation.

Since its start, in 2002, Porta Nova has expanded to become the largest rose nursery with 1 rose variety.

At Porta Nova, we focus 100% on quality and strive to grow the best red roses in the world. This focus is reflected in all aspects of operations and leads to a continual process of improvement involving both the product and the organisation.

In addition to the quality of the roses, Porta Nova also places sustainable and socially responsible business practices high on its agenda. The heating system at our newest location, for example, uses green energy and the pesticides we use are almost exclusively organic. We believe that we have the lowest ever carbon footprint per rose.


Porta Nova produces the red rose Red Naomi! It is available in various quality classifications ALL YEAR ROUND.

Red Naomi! is the only large flowered red rose with a unique, subtle fragrance and excellent shelf-life.



The Supras are a unique selection from our range of roses and, in all lengths, are characterised by an extra large bud, a thick stem and the fulfilment of all other quality requirements. A vase life of at least fourteen days must always be guaranteed.


The roses known as “jong” come from our latest glasshouse which has extremely high light levels and a cooling and heating system. This “young crop” has large buds throughout the years, thick stems and a long vase life.  The roses can be recognised as a result of the black packaging.



The Classic comes from a modern glasshouse that guarantees all of the relevant conditions. This product location also provides the highest possible light levels. The fact that we work with very strict quality requirements means that the “Classic” is a year-round, top quality product. The roses can be recognised as a result of the beige packaging.



Porta Nova is happy to work alongside customers both at home and abroad in order to get the very best from the collaboration.


Price certainty

Porta Nova offers its products daily at the clock. In addition, you can place an order in advance and be guaranteed a price and the quantities you require. If you notify us or your supplier of your requirements, we can provide you with a tailor-made quote.

Every request can be accommodated, e.g. year/month/(bank) holiday quotes.


Buying from the greenhouse via your webshop

Porta Nova encourages exporters, wholesalers and florists to buy direct from the glasshouse although trade continues to run via all existing channels.


More than standard

If you have rose requirements and decide to take up our offer to fulfil them, you will avoid unnecessary costs and be assured of the very best quality. This could relate to:

–        Different quantities in another crate (e.g. length 40 and/or 50 per 40 in a 566 crate)

–        Delivery in other carts or in your own packaging.


Quality guarantee

Porta Nova offers you certainty every single day. The top quality of the Red Naomi! from Porta Nova is guaranteed as a result of a unique, five point ‘certainty’ plan.

Porta Nova’s business philosophy distinguishes it from the rest and, as a result, a top quality product is always supplied. Porta Nova harvests and works every day of the year. The resulting blooms are then offered for sale at the auction the following day. As a result, our roses are always FRESH and available in sufficient numbers. Conditions during TRANSPORT can also be monitored, enabling the roses to always be kept in the very best environment.

In order to guarantee quality during transport, Porta Nova has developed a unique product: The COLLUM.

Product presentation and distinctiveness are also guaranteed. Numerous growers are currently convinced of the benefits of this packaging.

The above developments and the close collaborations with our partners enable us to provide you with a QUALITY GUARANTEE.


Stronger together than alone

The basis for promotion is a great product. Porta Nova works closely with its customers, companies such as Chrysal, Floralife, universities and other business in order to further improve quality.

It is quite clear that the entire chain can reap the benefits of applying minor improvements and as a result of us providing useful advice to our customers.


Collaborating with top designers

In addition to the partners mentioned above, we have also entered into collaborations with several top designers in order to help florists improve their results.

We also offer you the opportunity to work with us and a top designer on creating a fantastic show at open days or presentations and thus inspire your customers.

Presentation in wholesale and cash & carry

Porta Nova does not have any general promotional materials. Every wholesaler and/or cash & carry is different and different displays suit different locations.

If you would like to receive some inspirational ideas, we can get in touch with you and create specific, tailor-made promotional materials.

Customer reception:

Porta Nova would love to welcome you to their premises with your customers. Lunch or a snack and drink after your visit are, of course, also an option.